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STANDARD. ISO. Second edition. Sampling procedures for inspection by attributes — ISO’s member body in the country of the requester. ISO provides skip-lot procedures for use when the process quality is markedly superior Quality Control Tips to the AQL for a defined. ISO. First editic..n. Sampling procedures for inspection by attributes. Part 1: Sampling plans indexed by acceptable quality.

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Second, if a candidate product carries some critical features dimension of mechanical productbut also carries a number of low risk features, can we apply the skip lot concept only to the non-critical features? And continue to perform lot-by-lot inspection with critical features?

Does this isoo the AQL value should be less than or greater than 0. My name is Dean Neubauer and I am the U. The purpose of these procedures is to provide a way of reducing the inspection effort on products of high quality submitted by a supplier who has a satisfactory quality assurance system and effective quality controls.

ISO Skip-lot Sampling , –

The reduction in inspection effort is achieved by determining at random, with a specified probability, whether a lot presented for inspection will be accepted without inspection. A skip-lot sampling plan is also known as a cumulative results plan. In general, such plans require certain assumptions to be met regarding the nature of the inspection process:.


Under these conditions, we can use the record of previous 2859-33 as a means of reducing izo amount of inspection on any given lot.

ISO states the above in 5. It is assumed that the system includes inspection by the supplier of each lot produced and the recording of inspection results. The underlying assumption here is that the supplier quality is exceptional low nonconforming level.

The skip-lot plan is applied to each characteristic, or feature, separately. If several characteristics are present, then try to test for at least one of them.

In your situation, if you have critical characteristics you should not be doing skip-lot inspection due to the risk of ignoring skipping a potentially dangerous lot.

On the other hand, ido can use a skip-lot plans for non-critical major and minor nonconformities and they will have different AQL levels associated with them.

Your listing of AQLs of 1.

GSO ISO – Standards Store – GCC Standardization Organization

Critical defects will 8259-3 have an AQL less than 1. Your levels of 1. Skip to content Q: The standard requires that: In general, such plans require certain assumptions to be met regarding the nature of the inspection process: The lot isp be one of a continuing series of lots We expect these lots to be of the same quality The consumer should not expect that any lot is any worse than any of the immediately preceding lots The consumer must have confidence in the supplier not to pass 28859-3 substandard lot even though other lots are of acceptable quality Under these conditions, we can use the record of previous inspections as a means of reducing the amount of inspection on any given lot.


The requirements for supplier qualification are as follows. Variation in Continuous and Discrete Measurements. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.