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View and Download Kodak EasyShare Z user manual online. EasyShare Z Digital Camera pdf manual download. Also for: View and Download Kodak EasyShare Z user manual online. Kodak EasyShare Z User Guide. EasyShare Z Digital Camera pdf manual download. Kodak EasyShare Z Review With a 10x zoom and manual controls in a compact package, could the Z be the very model to do just.

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Your camera has internal memory. Maximum easyshzre card size is 32 GB. Your camera offers a built-in Help system. It describes every setting for every menu choice. If you learn nothing else about your camera, learn how to use on-camera Help. Because the more you know your camera, the more confident you become. Scroll through a Help topic www. Keep learning about your camera! Subjects that are in motion. Shutter speed is fast. Point-and-shoot simplicity when taking pictures under special conditions.

See the Extended user guide www.

Turn eawyshare Mode dial to Scene Press to highlight Scene modes. If the mode description turns off before you finish reading it, press OK. Press OK to choose a Scene mode. Full-frame portraits of people. Action pictures of children in bright light. People indoors, in low-light scenes.

Capturing the deep hues seen at sunset. Assures proper focus and minimizes red eye. Reducing red eye of people in night scenes or low-light conditions. Use the LCD to frame your subject.

Press Telephoto T to zoom in. Press Wide Angle W to zoom out.

Take the picture or video. To get a focused picture every time, remember: Use the framing marks, see page Press the flash manjal repeatedly to scroll through flash modes. The current flash mode is shown on the LCD.

Kodak EasyShare Z Review – DigitalCameraReview

easyshard Flash settings are limited in some picture-taking modes. When the lighting conditions require it. Every time you take a picture, regardless of the lighting conditions. You can change settings to get the best results from your camera. Press the Menu button. Press to highlight a tab: Highlight an option, then press OK. Press the Review button. Press the Delete button.

: Kodak Easyshare Z Digital Camera (Black) : Camera & Photo

Follow the screen prompts. If the camera still does not function, visit www. For approved accessories, visit www. Contact your computer manufacturer if you have questions.

If Kodak is unable to repair or replace a Product, Kodak will, at its option, refund the purchase price easgshare for the Product provided the Product has been returned to Kodak along with proof of the purchase price paid.


KODAK EASYSHARE Z915 Digital Camera — Extended user guide

In countries other than the United States and Canada, the terms and conditions of this warranty may be different. Unless a specific Kodak warranty is communicated to the purchaser in writing by a Kodak company, no warranty or liability exists beyond any minimum requirements imposed by law, even though defect, damage, or loss may be by negligence or other act. For more information, contact your retailer, collection facility, or appropriate local authorities; or visit www.

Using the histogram to view picture brightness Setting up your camera Attaching the strap Loading the batteries Other battery types see page 57 Purchase accessories, such as batteries, www. A card can only be inserted one way; forcing it may cause damage. Inserting or removing a card when the camera is on may damage the pictures, the card, or the camera.

For more easyyshare on Smart Capture and other modes, see page 6. Framing marks do not appear in some SCN scene and Video modes. Using the framing marks Framing marks indicate the camera focus area. Framing marks 1 Press the Shutter button halfway.

To dismiss the quickview sooner, press the Shutter button halfway. You can choose the best picture size and aspect ratio for your needs—just manjal the Menu ewsyshare and choose Picture Size.

SCN mode Portrait Full-frame portraits of people. SCN mode Flower Close-ups of flowers or other small subjects in bright light. For focus distances, see Camera specifications, page 2 Press Telephoto T to zoom in. Using the flash Use the flash when you take pictures at night, indoors, or manusl in heavy shadows. Flash settings are limited in some capture modes. Press the Flash button repeatedly to scroll through flash modes The current flash mode is shown on the LCD.

Flash modes Flash fires Auto Using the Focus button Press the Focus button repeatedly to scroll through focus modes. The current Focus mode is shown on the LCD. Using the self-timer Use the self-timer when you want to be included in a picture, or to ensure a steady Shutter button press.

Place the camera on a tripod or flat surface.

For best results, use a tripod. Individual pictures are not saved, even if panorama capture is cancelled before stitching occurs. Getting help from your camera You want the most from your camera.

You want to understand: P, A, S, and M modes Use these modes when you want more control over your camera and pictures. Mode When to use Press to control Program mode offers the ease of auto shooting Exposure compensation how with full access to easyshrae menu options. The camera much light enters the automatically sets the shutter speed and aperture cameraflash compensation, Use the Menu button to control all other settings. Using exposure compensation to adjust brightness In P, A, S, and Panorama modes, z91 can adjust exposure compensation before you take a picture to make your pictures darker or lighter.

  IEC 62561-2 PDF

Only the first picture in Panorama mode can be adjusted—that adjustment is applied to the remaining pictures. Using the histogram to view picture brightness Use the histogram to evaluate the distribution of light before or after you take a picture.

Optimal exposure is achieved when the peak is in the middle of the histogram. To turn on the histogram z91 Capture mode or in Review, press the Info button until the histogram appears. Press Review again to exit. Playing a video 1 Press the Review button. Using shortcuts For quick access to the most popular functions: Adding sound tags You can record a easysgare or sound up to 1 minute long to add to a picture.

Only one sound tag can be added to each picture not to videos. Recording a sound tag 1 Press the Review button, then to find a picture. Cropping pictures You can crop a picture so that only the desired portion of the picture remains. You cannot eassyshare these pictures: You cannot enhance videos, panoramic pictures, or pictures that are already enhanced.

Editing videos Making a picture from a video You can choose a single frame from a video, then make a picture suitable for printing. Using video bookmarks You can set bookmarks at interesting places in your video, then jump from one bookmark to another.

Setting manuaal 1 Press the Review button, then to find a video. Making a video action print From a video, you can make a 4- 9- or up picture, suitable for a 4 x 6-inch 10 x 15 cm print. Before you copy, make sure that a card is inserted in the camera.

Using the menu button You can change settings eaasyshare get the best results from your camera. Unavailable in Video mode. AF Control Continuous AF—because the camera is always focusing, there is no need to press the Shutter button halfway down to Press Menu, Capture Options and OK to access settings Exposure Metering Multi-pattern—evaluates lighting conditions throughout the easyshxre to give easyehare optimum picture exposure.

Ideal for Evaluate light levels at specific general picture taking.