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While Tracy Hickman was ushering in the new style of D&D adventures, Gary Gygax was still producing adventures of the whimsical, fun-house. Published in , Dungeonland, like so many of the modules written by there are many places where the standard rules of D&D don’t apply. The Dungeon Land is a lot of fun, but we all know it’s als. world where the magic and wonder of D&D are focussed and come together to form.

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A few Sundays ago, I had a gaming opportunity that not everybody gets a chance to experience. It had well-known dungeonlannd designers! It may have been the craziest four hours of role-playing in all of Seattle that weekend! Well, maybe not the craziest role-playing….

Let me back up a little bit. Thinking nothing of the conversation, I went home thinking about cool ways to promote the game at the store. I was quite surprised to find that DM Rob had emailed Rob Heinsoo personally and suggested my plan to him.

dungeonland | Gamma Ray Games

After getting over the initial shock, I realized this could be an interesting opportunity. Doing introductory 13th Age events at the Raygun Lounge seemed like a really solid idea. Everything seemed to be going well. Fast forward a month or two. After some more discussion, the 13th Age organized play coordinator, Ash Law, sent me the Gamma Ray Games exclusive content: Lair of the Ludomancer.

Dungeonland Ex1 Ad&d Advanced Dungeons Dragons TSR Gygax 9072

Here I had an adventure chalk-full of thoroughly entertaining references to Gamma Ray Games, fully prepared to be unleashed upon players at the Raygun Lounge. But, shortly after sharing it with me, Ash made this comment: At this point in the story, I found myself scheduled for a session of an upcoming fantasy RPG that I am super excited about with two of the people that work on it in an adventure specifically designed for my local gameshop.


I suppose, at this point, it could only be more exciting if the actual dungeonlane who make the game showed up. But, of course, that is ridiculous. Either way, I was ready! This was going to be a real thing and I was going to be part of it!

Eventually, the big day arrived. We all gathered around the table. We chose pregenerated characters. It did not take long for it to get serious. There was the dwarf cleric who was haunted by the demon that killed his necromancer parents. I played the half-elf fighter who had been given a magical clockwork heart after losing his in an unfortunate tavern brawl.

There was the dark elf sorcerer that gave him the magical heart, also the runner-up in the ever-popular Mr. After laying some more groundwork, Ash handed out props dingeonland some of us. The adventure commenced as the party proceeded into the Bitterwood.

Yet, it did not bother me. We were pursuing dungsonland goal relevant to our characters, and it did not take long for us to come across a pack of vicious gnolls in the night.

We had found these gnolls and their repugnant master, dhngeonland filth demon.

GROGNARDIA: Retrospective: Dungeonland

Well, more appropriately, a poop demon. An Excremental, if you will. The party engaged these horrible monsters and fought bravely to drive off the vile beasts. At one point, the cleric blasted the Excremental with his Javelin of Faith.

The player, Rob D, had missed, but was close. As the battle neared its end, a new person approached the table. It did not take long for me to realize… This guy was Jonathan Tweet, one of the creators of 13th Age.

He spoke to Ash briefly, offering to take the part of whatever silly-voiced NPC was available. It did not take long for that character to be Werdna, the d&s that haunted the dwarven cleric.


Quickly, the situation descended into madness as Werdna the Demon as played by Jonathan Tweet provided nefarious direction. After poor choices by both the sorcerer and the cleric, things had run afoul.

Before anybody could realize what had happened, the party had descended into an infernal hellscape, with the demon Werdna now residing within the dungeonlland of the dark elf sorcerer. Trapped in a hellish arena and surrounded by the spirits of countless lost paladins, the heroes found themselves engaged by flaming demons content to tear them asunder.

The demon Werdna began offering the characters an opportunity to change fate. At the table, this was represented by Jonathan Tweet allowing us to reroll our attacks. Although it was difficult, it did not take long for the battle to end in victory for our adventurers.

However, the deal with the demon had a price! Unfortunately, our sorcerer, who had called upon the demon nineteen times, did not make it. Neither r&d the dwarf cleric who had tricked him. From this, several of us at the table learned another important lesson: Jonathan Tweet is our personal demon.

So, that was my 13th Age experience: Players contribute to the narrative in ways rarely if ever dunngeonland in popular role-playing games. I cannot recommend it enough. This was my first lesson: You never know who people know. Another important lesson learned: Keep your mouth shut when fighting poop demons.