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Bilans Stanja [SRP-popunjiv PDF]. Uploaded by lorimer .. Obrazac PPI uploaded by Bilans Uspeha – PROFIT AND LOSS ACCOUNT. uploaded by. Obrazac br 1 – Bilans stanja godina, Obrazac br. 5 – IPA Izveštaj o izvršenju budžeta januar-decembar završni račun, Bulevar Despota Stefana 68 c. Prilog 1. Obrazac BS. BILANS STANJA BANKE sa stanjem u hiljadama dinara. Iznos tekuće godine. Broj napomene.

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Obrazac Bilans Stanja I Uspjeha Crna Gora

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Regionalna deponija – Subotica

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Obrazac Bilans Stanja I Uspjeha Crna Gora

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